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About Russia

Russia is the world’s largest nation surrounded by European & Asian countries along with the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. It covers an area of 17,125,191 sq. Km. with a population of over 146 million people. Earlier, there were 15 countries like Ukraine, Georgia formed after the separation of the USSR" in 1991.

Moscow is the capital of the country, a core of political power, and a city of different cultures & trade. This city is not only beautiful but the hub of billionaires. Russia is one of the tough competitors of the USA and China.



Studying MBBS in Russia is one of the most dream destinations for International students. There are lots of MCI or NMC approved medical universities in Russia that come under the ranking of Top Medical Universities in Russia. Top MBBS universities in Russia get a big part of the annual budget from the government as funds to offer the lowest-cost education. This is the key point that attracts students to study MBBS in Russia.

Why Study MBBS in Russia?

Why Study MBBS in Russia? This is a common question among Indian medical aspirants.  As mentioned earlier, Russia is the biggest rival of China and the USA in the world. To compete with both super-power it is spending a lot on development and research work.

Medical universities of Russia have experienced and knowledgeable educators, who teach aspirants in English. Russian medical universities are approved by the National Medical Commission, WHO, and medical education monitoring bodies of many countries including Asian and European nations.

Hostel Facilities in Medical Universities of Russia

  • You will be charged for the hostel room depends on the size
  • You can have shared rooms to save money
  • All the hostel rooms are well furnished with necessary things
  • The rooms are very comfortable and well–heated
  • You will get a TV set and telephone to pass your leisure time
  • Hostels have police security for the safety of the candidates

Food in Medical Universities of Russia

  • There are varieties of food available in Russia
  • The MBBS seekers who come here do not have to worry about food
  • The Indian students can taste some Indian dishes here
  • The taste of Indian dishes gives you a homely feeling.
  • There are many cafeteria and cheap restaurant
  • All types of groceries are available in the supermarket.

Weather Conditions in Russia

  • The continental climate influences the weather condition of Russia
  • The summer days are very hot and dry here.
  • You may feel bitter cold during the wintertime
  • The temperature remains 23 degrees C in the months of June, July.
  • The temperature in the wintertime falls -15 degrees

Student life in Medical Universities of Russia

  • The students can experience a happy, exciting life here.
  • The teaching staffs give special attention to the well being of the students
  • The Medical candidates are encouraged to take part in various programs conducted by the university.
  • You can get the chance to relax at medic camp during your vacation time
  • The students are allowed to take part in the sports program
  • The recreation program during the winter season will definitely steal your mind
  • The Indian students can enjoy different festivals here
  • You can spend time in the students club by making yourself engaged in various activities.

MCI/NMC Approved Top Medical Universities in Russia

Every student who passes its high secondary education wishes to get admission to MCI Approved Medical Universities in Russia. There are so many universities/ colleges available in the country in which Indian candidates can get admission easily. We have mentioned the list of Top NMC Approved Medical Universities in Russia for international candidates, students are advised to check once before admission.

Universities in Russia

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